Real-Time Guidance software


Technological innovation to support sound clinical decisions

UltraSight’s AI real-time guidance enables healthcare providers to perform high-quality cardiac ultrasound exams in any care setting and for any patient – regardless of their level of ultrasound expertise.

The Challenge

Obtaining new skills requires not only time but also training and mentorship. Today, many healthcare providers still do not have access to all three key elements – ultrasound devices, mentors and the time – required to master proficiency in cardiac ultrasound.

At UltraSight we strive to change this paradigm with the power of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to harness AI to enable inexperienced cardiac ultrasound users to perform like experts.

Our Solution

The UltraSight software pairs with PoCUS devices available today, and presents guidance instructions as a graphic interface overlaid on top of the ultrasound screen.
Users are guided in real-time how to maneuver the ultrasound probe to obtain a diagnostic quality cardiac ultrasound image.
Once obtained, the image can then be interpretated on the spot or sent to an expert for further evaluation.

How Does
it Work?

The UltraSight software analyses the ultrasound stream and guides the user through the process of image acquisition:

The UltraSight AI algorithm analyzes the cardiac ultrasound image, deducts from the ultrasound image where the ultrasound probe is positioned on patient’s body

Then, the UltraSight software provides real-time instructions
how to maneuver the ultrasound probe to move to obtain a
diagnostic quality image.

Only when the quality threshold is met, the user is
instructed to capture the image

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Once the appropriate diagnostic quality image is captured, clinical decisions can be made, or the image can be shared with experts, optimizing clinical decisions.