We believe cardiac ultrasound should
be available to any patient anywhere.

Our goal is to make diagnostic imaging more accessible by empowering medical professionals to successfully acquire timely and accurate cardiac ultrasound images anywhere.

Our Solution

UltraSight’s AI-driven software provides real-time guidance and quality assessment to allow healthcare professionals, regardless of sonography proficiency, to consistently perform high-quality cardiac ultrasound in a variety of settings at the point of care, including clinics, community hospitals, ambulances, and remote and rural areas.

The Impact

UltraSight’s Real-Time Guidance software potentially improves the ease, quality, and availability of cardiac imaging and diagnosis, enabling more accurate and timely clinical decisions for any patient, anywhere.

  • For Healthcare Professionals

  • For Patients

  • For Medical Facilities

Support new and occasional users, and build user confidence. 
Obtain quality and timely diagnostic information in various care settings.
Accelerate clinical decision-making.

Support faster diagnosis to allow for earlier treatment.
Increase patient access to diagnostic imaging and advanced care.

Reduce repeat imaging and increase efficiency.
Allow more flexibility in staffing for imaging procedures.
Be able to provide patients in remote or rural areas with high-quality cardiac ultrasound.

UltraSight’s pilot study demonstrates that UltraSight
Real-Time Guidance can allow medical professionals, who do not have prior sonography training, to obtain diagnostic quality cardiac images in 100% of patients.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our vision is to harness the power of AI for better patient care. It begins with simplifying the process of taking cardiac ultrasound images, so this powerful diagnostic modality becomes part of every cardiac exam. Simply put, better cardiac care begins with great images.

We have assembled a super talented group of software engineers, clinicians and business experts; a team united by the mission to improve cardiac care by putting cardiac ultrasound in the hands of every healthcare provider.