The Challenge

With new advancements in therapeutics there is a growing need for ongoing echocardiographic monitoring. This increased demand has created a disparity in access to care between patients who live near medical centers and those who don’t. Patients who require continuous monitoring but live further away from the centers are left with fewer options to obtain the healthcare they need.

The Solution

UltraSight’s AI solution allows novice ultrasound users to acquire diagnostic-quality cardiac images where the patient is located, which are then securely sent for remote interpretation through telehealth systems.

By separating the acquisition and the interpretation of ultrasound images, UltraSight increases equitable access to cardiac care.

This new care delivery model is referred to as “decentralized cardiac ultrasound monitoring”, which enables accessible and cost-effective heart monitoring opportunities accessed locally in the patient’s community and even at the patient’s home.


Patient exam using a PoCUS device
UltraSight AI real-time guidance


The exam is uploaded to a secure medical cloud


Remote expert cardiologist interprets and writes a report


The report is sent to the referring physician

The Decentralized Cardiac PoCUS Care Delivery Model:

Resources for Out of Hospital Care Professionals

 Point of Care Scanning Tips

Quick guide for optimizing your point of care cardiac ultrasound use

 Analysis of UltraSight’s landmark pivotal study results

Results indicate UltraSight enables novice ultrasound users to capture high quality cardiac images