This page is dedicated to supporting the team members who are participating in a clinical trial testing UltraSight’s Real-Time Guidance ultrasound software. The contents of this page include training videos and articles designed to educate participants about our software and its purpose.

UltraSight Real-Time Guidance Overview

This video provides initial background on the company and Real-Time Guidance for cardiac ultrasound

UltraSight System Overview

This video explains how the Real-Time Guidance works


UltraSight’s Real-Time Guidance software potentially improves the ease, quality, and availability of cardiac imaging and diagnosis, enabling more accurate and timely clinical decisions for any patient, anywhere.

Basic Heart Anatomy

This chapter provides a refresher on the human heart anatomy

Basic Ultrasound

This chapter providers an introduction to ultrasound imaging

Intro to Cardiac Ultrasound

This chapter providers an introduction to cardiac ultrasound

Self-assessment quiz

After completing the pre-course reading requirement, kindly take the self-assessment quiz. Thank you!